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Composting is the perfect first step for any person or business looking to make changes and create a greener life or business. Composting is tied to issues of food security, the economy, sustainable living, and reconnecting with the land and our roots. It reduces waste, replenishes soil, and offers a hands-on way for people to take environmental action!

With the support of the amazing community here in Peterborough, I believe we can start from the ground up (pun fully intended) and make a difference when it comes to the environment.

So how does it work?

✅ Step 1: We drop off a bucket equipped with a compostable bag and sealable lid to your doorstep.
✅ Step 2: You place your food waste into the bucket.
✅ Step 3: We pick up your organic waste once a week from your doorstep & leave a fresh compostable bag.
✅ Step 4: Your food waste is given back to the earth to create compost!
✅ Step 5: Receive free finished compost back in the Spring.

We make composting easy - for everyone!

What is compostable?

Over 100,000 LBS of food waste diverted!


Community Partners

+ Over 150 Residents

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Service Areas;
Peterborough ON
Lakefield ON
Ennismore ON
Bridgenorth ON
Douro-Dummer ON

Pick up schedule varies based on location.
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm.

Services for residents: $32/Month +HST
Services for businesses: Please contact for a quote.

Participants receive free finished compost back for their plants & gardens in the Spring!

Thank You!

Local Composting Made Easy