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“Composting is the perfect first step for anyone looking to create a greener life or business.”

Hey! I’m Desiree, the owner of 1.5 Degrees Composting. I grew up right here in Peterborough, ON and like so many of us, I grew up enjoying nature. As I got older, I started to wake up to the real and immediate responsibility we all have to do better when it comes to the environment. The toxic chemicals, plastics, and waste that had been right there in front of me my whole life suddenly came into focus. I started to worry about the environment and the future generations. So, I started reading… A LOT. The more I learned, the more I realized that I had to make some big changes.

As they say, ‘There is no Planet B.’

Inspired by Ashlee Piper’s book Give A Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better, Save the Planet, I started looking for ways to put my good intentions into action. I wanted to put my energy into something that would help as many people as possible take those first steps towards living a more sustainable life. It had to be useful, accessible, and easy to understand. It had to be composting!

That is how 1.5 Degrees Composting started!

I believe that composting is the perfect first step for any person or business looking to make changes and create a greener life or business. Composting is tied to issues of food security, the economy, sustainable living, and reconnecting with the land and our roots. It reduces waste, replenishes soil, and offers a hands-on way for people to take environmental action!

I have BIG dreams for 1.5 Degrees Composting. With the support of my partner, Matt, and the amazing community here in Peterborough, I believe we can start from the ground up (pun fully intended) and make a difference when it comes to the environment.

Desiree & Matt

Community Partners

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Peterborough ON & Surrounding Areas.

Pick up schedule varies based on location.
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm.

Services for residents: $32/Month +HST
Services for businesses: Please contact for a quote.

Participants receive free finished compost back for their plants & gardens in the Spring!

Thank You!

Together we will create change.